Terms & Conditions

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We know that the whole point is to have lots of fun on the night but here is the legal stuff that keeps us both right. I hope you don’t find it too heavy. Again give us a call if there is something you don’t quite like.

The Corra Team

1.1 Corra agrees to appear on the agreed date for 1 performance(s). Corra require one hour to set up & sound check. PLEASE ADVISE ASAP IF TIMINGS ARE ALTERED .

2.1 Corra are a self contained act: All PA, lighting and other equipment required to perform will be provided by themselves.
2.2 Corra are committed to the safety of its employers and the public. All electrical equipment used is of a high standard and checked regularly. Last date of PAT (Portable Appliance Test) was carried out on 12 March 2014. Copy available on request.
2.3 Corra are extremely well presented and will ensure that all members, crew and band are smartly dressed and polite at all times.
2.4 Corra will always give 100% during the performance and will play at a suitable volume at the client’s discretion.
2.5 Any frst dance requests specified by the client will be learned to a very high standard.
2.6 Corra use a small pool of musicians of a very high standard. In the event of illness this ensures that the quality of the band is not compromised by an individual’s absence. In the unlikely event that the lead singer is taken unwell, another Corra singer of a similar style will be used.
2.7 Corra provide required insurances inc. Public Liability of up to £5,0000. Copy available on request.

Venue Requirements
3.1 Corra require an average stage area of 8ft by 16ft with 2 x 13 amp sockets for the PA system and 1 x 13amp socket for the lighting rig. A constructed stage is not essential but an area of approximately this size.
3.2 A safe and adequate power source is required. Corra will not be held responsible for electrical disturbances due to poor power supply.
3.3 If Corra feel that the safety of the audience or band members is at risk, the band will stop playing until the matter is addressed
3.4 Storage & Changing Area.
Corra require a separate room to change in and rest when not on stage is required and should be made known to the band in advance of the event date.
3.5 Mineral water and soft drinks are required during the performance. It is the client’s responsibility to arrange this prior to performance.
3.6 During the evening buffet it would be greatly appreciated if food is set-aside for the band so as there is no need to queue alongside your guests. When Corra travel two hours or more, a hot meal is required prior to the performance. Where this is not possible £80 will be added to the fee to allow the band to get food near to the venue.

PA & Lighting:
3.7 The band will supply their own lighting rig and sound technician for audiences of up to 300
people. For larger venues either the client can supply their own PA or a separate PA will have to be added and chargeable to the client.
First Dance Requests
3.8 Corra require any song requests by e-mail twelve weeks prior to the event or the song requests may not be able to be played on the night.
Performance Duration
3.9 The client has hired Corra for a four hour evening with a break of approximately 45minutes (if the event runs on time). Timings of the breaks will be dependant on when the buffet is served and the band will work around this. A suitable playlist will be played during the break. Please feel free to supply an ipod with your favourite songs and we will play this though our PA.
Early Setup
3.10 For clients who require an early set-up prior to the guest’s arrival, an additional fee of £140 per hour will be chargeable.
Setup & Breakdown
3.11 The band needs one hour to ensure equipment is set up and sound checked adequately. This is necessary and extremely important to carry out a full sound check prior to performance.
3.12 In the event of cancellation by the hirer the following fees will apply:

0-30 days 30 – 60 days 60 – 90 days  90+ days
 100% 75% 50% Reservation Fee

We the undersigned acknowledge that I/We have read the above terms of agreement, and agree that it will be adhered to in all detail.