Fred Litzky (FOB) Rachel and Fraser Lightfoot, Dundas Castle, 2 July 2016

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‘In so many ways, the perfect affair goes unnoticed.  Simply because its perfect…. It goes by so fast and all you remember is a good time.  But something was different at this wedding.  It was better than perfect.  Everyone remembered the food, the flowers, and yes, they remembered the music.  Oh, did they remember the music!

Back when Rachel and Fraser were looking for the perfect band, Rachel had us listen to samples of various bands. I’ll be totally honest with you, Corra was my first choice.  It was also Rachel and Fraser’s.  When we heard that you were already booked for the original wedding date, we were disappointed.  So we decided on our next choice.  I don’t remember the specific details but the wedding date changed and by chance Rachel contacted you again.  You were available.   Luck?  I don’t think so.  You were going to be a part of something special and it was meant to be.  

A year went fast and before we knew it the wedding was here.  Though we were confident Corra was the perfect band, the day Fraser and Rachel met you a few days before the wedding put all their worries aside.  Rachel said to me when you came to set up at the wedding, she was so connected to you it was as if you were part of the family. 

 Let’s face it, the food was good, the flowers beautiful, the venue was amazing……but the band makes the party.  Personally, you are one of the best bands I’ve ever heard.  You had all the guests engaged and dancing all night.  Getting Rachel involved with the drums was such a memorable moment.  Now she thinks she can play and wants a drum set for her birthday.  LOL   Even the Scots said they’ve never danced so much.  All they expect to do is come, get drunk and hang out all night.  LOL   But they were too busy dancing and having a wonderful time to get drunk.  Hahahaha!!  And how about that ‘encore’.  I’m sure you get that all the time.  

Thank you again for making this something special for everyone, and especially Rachel and Fraser.’